Fraction Talks

What are Fraction Talks?

A Fraction Talk uses an image as a prompt, and often asks the question "What fraction is shaded?" As students become comfortable with the routine, there are other possibilities including:

"Can you shade a fraction with twice the area?"

"Can you shade exactly one-quarter of this shape?"

Nat Banting, the creator of Fraction Talks, shares useful "How To" and "In The Classrooms" posts on which include a variety of prompts and teacher moves for this routine.

Ultimately, Fraction Talks allow for creative thinking and reasoning with fraction representations and operations.

More Information

Along with the K-12 Math Task Collection with Fraction Talks linked to SK outcomes, here are other resources:

PD via Twitter: @FractionTalks, #fractiontalks, @NatBanting

Note: Selected Fraction Talk explorations have been implemented as Desmos Activities.

Check out the recorded webinar given by Nat Banting about using Fraction Talks in your classroom.

Check out the sample Fraction Talk classroom videos and resources below.

Grade 4s Discussing Fraction War

Pre-Service Fraction Talk

Sample of Carla Dawson's Fraction War Cards