What's Desmos?

Desmos is a free suite of powerful software tools including Classroom Activities and a Graphing Calculator, used to engage students in face-to-face and distance learning.

Students make their thinking visible by sharing with their peers and teacher, who can provide directed feedback.

Desmos helps students explore and learn math concepts, refine their vocabulary, and apply their math knowledge creatively.

Tip: When using Desmos Activities in face-to-face learning, consider having students work in pairs and share one device to encourage collaboration and sense-making.

More Information

Read more about the pedagogy for how the Desmos team builds their math activities.

Desmos has a robust learning site with a series of documents and short videos to learn about:

  • The graphing calculator including: plotting points, tables, curves, inequalities, statistics, scatterplots, regressions, derivatives, integrals, and others

  • Classroom activities including: student and teacher views, pacing student screens, taking snapshots of student thinking, providing feedback, using popular structures such as Polygraph and Marbleslides

  • Creating your own activity including: copying screens from other activities, editing or deleting screens from an existing activity

  • And much more!

Along with the K-12 Math Task Collection with specific Desmos activities linked to SK outcomes, here are other resources:

  • Browse the collections at

  • Use the Desmos search field, or search specific activities through google

  • Save your favourites and organize your own activities into your own Collections

PD via Twitter: @Desmos, @ddmeyer, @eluberoff

Available webinars for self-directed learning can be scheduled live, or viewed as recordings.

Check out the Desmos learning videos below -- this is just a small peek into the power and ease of Desmos!